María José López González

Business Developer

Bilateral Meetings

  • Wednesday 15:00-19:15
Organization Type Beauty Cluster Barcelona
Areas of Activities

Active ingredients and raw materials

    Offering an Innovation

    CALMAPSIN®, an innovative neurocosmeceutical ingredient designed for sensitive skin

    Itchiness from sensitive skin is mainly mediated by TRPV1, the capsaicin receptor expressed in sensory neurons, and skin cells. The development of novel capsaicin analogues is a promising approach to manage sensitive skin.

    Our neurocosmetic ingredient, Calmapsin®, is an innovative capsaicinoid molecule that improves the biological properties of capsaicin.

    Calmapsin® antagonizes TRPV1 and reduces pruritogenic signalling, reverts altered barrier function in inflammatory skin condition by increasing the expression of barrier function genes downregulated in sensitive skin, and protects from oxidative stress by reducing intracellular ROS generation in keratinocytes.

    Calmapsin® is an innovative neurocosmetic ingredient that calms itch, protects from oxidative stress, and improves skin barrier function.

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