Miguel Aso

In Vitro Laboratory Manager

Bilateral Meetings

  • Wednesday 15:00-19:15
Organization Type Beauty Cluster Barcelona
Areas of Activities

Active ingredients and raw materials

    Offering an Innovation

    Provital’s Bioimage and Bioinformatic Platform

    Today, digital imaging, big data and artificial intelligence is getting permeated to every single aspect of our society. Since the dermo-cosmetic science is replete with digital images and with genetic databases, this field of research could specially benefit from a data-driven approach to image analysis and genomics. At the avant-garde of the dermo-cosmetic science, we are proud to present “Provital’s Bioimage and Bioinformatic Platform”, which includes Provital’s expertise and a collaboration network aiming to make the most of our time’s edge technologies. Under this platform, Provital develops in-house algorithms for image quantification, computational genomics and machine learning. Moreover, Provital has built a network of collaborations to access Next-Generation Sequencers, high-throughput and super-resolution confocal microscopes, as well as associations with unique European facilities. Together, “Provital’s Bioimage and Bioinformatic Platform” provides an advanced approach which promises to unveil new efficacies for cosmetic products.