Joaquin Bonelli

Head of Biotechnological Polym

Bilateral Meetings

  • Wednesday 15:00-19:15
Organization Type Beauty Cluster Barcelona
Areas of Activities

Active ingredients and raw materials

    Contract Manufacturing, engineering

      Offering an Innovation

      Offering novel biodegradable and fully customizable encapsulation technology

      Delivering active ingredients in the right place at the right time still remains a challenge for cosmetic chemists.
      Skin delivery systems, such as encapsulation technologies, aim to solve such problems by penetrating into deeper layers of the skin and releasing their cargo close to the right cells when it is most needed.
      EcostratarTM has been engineered to be safe for human skin, biodegradable, and regulatory compliant with major cosmetic markets.
      EcostratarTM encapsulation platform allows the protection of hydrophobic and hydrophilic cosmetic ingredients to ensure their long-term stability. EcostratarTM can be fully customized to reach different skin cells and release its cargo under different external stimuli. Concretely, targeting molecules will help the capsule internalize the right cell or skin layer, and, our controlled release technology will only activate where intended to boost the cosmetic effect of the encapsulated ingredient.
      Compared to other encapsulation systems such as liposomes, EcostratarTM is leak-proof, and will protect encapsulated ingredients from the environment to prevent an early unintended release and biodegradation.