Joaquim Torres Sanglas

R*D project Lead

Bilateral Meetings

  • Wednesday 15:00-19:15
Organization Type Cluster MAV
Areas of Activities

Tech Transfer, universities, tech centers


      Offering an Innovation

      Extraction with CO2, a sustainable and gentle alternative to organic solvents

      Products and processes with reduced impact to the environment is one of the emergent demands from the market. The replacement of harsher organic solvents while maintaining their performances is a challenge. Above certain pressure and temperature, CO2 is a powerful green solvent with similar properties to most of the harsher solvents, being a safe alternative and good solution for a sustainable growth. In addition to the safety and environmental improvement, CO2 usually offers higher quality extracts and easier purification. MATGAS can help you to elaborate safer and healthy essential and vegetable oils among other natural extracts.

      Keywords: CO2 utilizationAlternative solvents